frequently asked questions 2

What is the Account Control Panel?

The Account Control Panel makes managing your web space fun and easy. This extraordinary interface offers you a way to quickly view account-related information and provides easy access to the wide variety of tools and utilities that come with your account. With the click of a mouse, you can administer your web space, e-mail accounts, directories, cgi-bin (program script storage area) and all the special features offered, including site statistics. You can even add additional features to your account whenever you need them. Gain control and flexibility to make changes within your own time frame and according to your own particular business needs.

Do you host foreign domains?

Yes. All domain names will work with all of our accounts.

What are auto responders and how many do I receive?

You can set up auto responders to automatically respond to incoming email. For example, if you had an order form which your customers email to you, you can set up an auto responder to email the customer a confirmation message that their message was received.

What are email aliases and how many can I use?

Email aliases are email addresses that you create. Any mail sent to these aliases would automatically be forwarded to your existing POP email account or redirected to another third party POP account.

You can have as many email aliases as you want, your mail account is pre-configured to "Catch All" email directed at

Does my account come with web statistic software?

Traffic analysis software comes pre-installed with every web hosting account! We use different statistics software with different plans, like Webalizer, AWStats and other software.

Do you have a database system?

We use MySQL. We have found that our members prefer MySQL because it is a relatively easy-to-use database program.

Our Windows plans can use also MS-Access database which is specific software for Windows OS only.

Does each virtual server have its own raw log files?

Yes. You have your own raw log files.

What version of Perl do you use?

We use version 5.8.x Perl modules and LWP are installed.

Do you offer SSI?

SSI is on all of our servers. You just need to be sure that you call your files with the .shtml extension